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The N6QW Big Kahuna




The Bitx40 Project as built by N6QW



Jameco Electronics A great resource for project parts!
N6QW Projects
* The Bitx40 Project
* JABOM 20M SSB Transceiver
* Belthorn III 40M SSB Transceiver
* Simpleceiver Software
* Simpleceiver LT Spice . I will let you do the hard work,.
* Termination Insensitive Amplifiers
*Tri-Band SSB Transceiver
The ZIA Transceiver
* 20M Shirt Pocket SSB Transceiver
* The KWM-4 a SS Collins KWM-2
* LCD's & Arduino 1.6.3

* Raspberry Pi3 with a SoftRock SDR

(Process revised 8/9/2016)

60M Transceiver Arduino Sketch
JH8SST/7 Simpleceiver Info




















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