Simpleceiver Resource Page

The following links are used with the Simpleceiver in two versions. The 1st is used with the Direct Conversion Receiver and the 2nd with the Superhet version. The code is based on the work of Rich, AD7C and the modifications I made include setting the starting frequency and the inclusion of the offset. The only difference between the version is with or without the BFO offset.

My code was developed in Arduino IDE 1.0.5 and the current IDE is 1.6.5. There are some pluses to using the later IDE as any code bugs in the earlier versions have been fixed by the time you get to version to 1.6.5. But the negative side is the libraries that are also needed have not been updated. Chief among these is the one for the LCD libraries. In 2015 I wrote an article for QRP Quarterly that discusses the LCD Display issues and here is a link

I am uninterested in working on translating the code to 1.6.5. What I have works and if some individual can make the code work in 1.6.5 I will be most happy to post the code. I am not a software person so please no emails to me that go something like " your code is wrong and you didn't do this and you didn't do that." That is not helpful. I only modified the code! The methdology spelled out in the link should work with 1.6.5.

Simply open the link below and paste it in the Arduino 1.0.5 IDE and save it. You also need to include the two rotary sketches in the same folder as the .ino sketch. You will also need the Liquid Crystal Library in your Arduino libraries folder.

Single Simpleceiver Schematic

1 Simpleceiver Direct Conversion Sketch in Notepad
3 rotary.cpp
4 Superhet version Simpleceiver Sketch in Notepad
5 Liquid Crystal_I2C.h
6 Liquid Crystal_I2C.cpp