This project is a follow on to the Let's Build Something SSB Transceiver which appeared in the January/April 2015 issues of QRP Quarterly. The goal was to shrink down the LBS build through the liberal use of SMD components. As of 7/10/2015 the transceiver was put on the air and a half dozen contacts made during the ITU World Wide contest. The radio puts out about 2 watts and was used to drive a small linear amp to 65 watts output. Many issues are encountered with shrinking down the build including at least two failures in soldering those 608 sized components. With such close quarters circuit interaction IS a problem. But I have managed to work my way throuigh that and am now working on the final enclosure.

Link to Arduino Code for the 128X128 Color TFT --use IDE 1.6.3

Link to Arduino Pro-Mini Wiring

The 5.185 MHz Homebrew Filter was replaced with an INRAD 9.0 MHz Filter (#351)

The LBS-II is now on 40 Meters! Arduino Sketch Here. This sketch has the 128X128 TFT and 9.0 MHz IF.

Let's Build Something 2nd Generation


Pete N6QW 7/2015