In 2017 I built a Dual Filter 40 Meter Rig and was more or less put off because what I had done did not enable me to easily integrate the Arduino/Si5351. Then In 2018 I built a really neat control head for this rig which has some nice features but now it was an even bigger box.

So I thought about building a different Arduino/Si5351 --only to discover I was out of Color TFT displays and the ones I got dirt cheap won't be here until mid February. Looking through my junk box I found at least a half dozen LCD displays which I had put aside because of the shift to Color TFT; but also because I was having LCD Library issues with IDE 1.8.5. Well rather than stand still I bit the bullet and got the right LCD library and so we are off and running.

Next was the problem of Front and Back Panels. Looking further into the junk box I found a small sheet of plywood purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. It was a perfect size -- 4 inches high and 12 inches long. I was able to precisely cut it into two pieces 4X6 Inches. This is a first for me -- wood panels. A trip to home depot and for $1.79 I bought a piece of poplar hobby wood stock it was 1.5 X .25 X 2 feet. It was about two bucks. Don't overlook wood as a possible foundation for your next rig.