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A reader of the SPRAT 188 Article, put me on to this excellent link for getting started with through hole milling of PC Boards. This is a good place to start if you are designing through hole PCB's.


Through Hole PCB Milling





CNC Mill Your Next Rig!


G Code for the Circuit Board get it Here

G-Simple Download

N6QW in 1959 Hand Wiring Parts Following the Metal Bashing


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You must rein in the tendency to simply jump to the end of the book and skip all the stuff you need to know. Trust me if you don't heed this caution you will end up with a broken machine and likely the opportunity to Mill Your Next Rig

Here is what I would like to cover before you do any actual work with the CNC Mill.


  CNC Mill Your Next Rig! FAQ
How do I set up the CNC Mill?
How do I modify a design?





The following information is to supplant a future article about CNC Milling circuit boards using various software packages such as G Simple and Carbide Create. Our first example was an samll audio amplifier stage now we will tackle something more complex. we shall now take a standard circuit element known as the Plessey Amp which is a two transistor bilateral circuit and develop milled circuit boards for both a Through Hole and SMD version.




Sample of Two Plessey Amps Installed on a Board